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Welcome baby!🧡 Info update: @tiplukk [Instagram] List of my story: On going: 1. Thesis S2 😭✌🏻 2. Between The Line [Romcom friendzone] 3. It Was Until It Wasn't [Campus vibes] 4. What If? [One shot story; positive vibes for the day] 5. Bon Voyage [Vampire world // event story] 6. Regrets and Revenge [Revision 2020] 7. Lover The Series [Fan Fiction Taylor Swift] Completed: 1. Living A Lie [K-Pop Idol's love life story] 2. Beautiful Goodbye #JOYSPORTS 3. Before We Begin [Fan Fiction Eric Nam] 4. Cerita Sebelum Tidur #JOYFORGIVE Published as book: 1. Regrets and Revenge [2015] 2. Turning Page [2017] 3. Irreplaceable [2019] 4. Remedy [2020] Let's have fun together. 🧡

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